Reading & Writing online tutoring for Early Childhood & Elementary Students

One to One Make-Ups Due To Covid-19 Learning Loss



About RW Tutoring

RW Tutoring is a reading & handwriting online tutoring business for early childhood and elementary students.

RW Tutoring was created during the coronavirus pandemic by a New Jersey certified teacher of 40+ years to help students identify COVID - 19 learning loss and adjust to returning to the classroom setting & environment.



  • Prepare for any back to school concerns due to covid - 19 learning loss.
  • Help to overcome the trauma that was due to a fearful or hopeless experience that was perceived as a threat while being at home.
  • Ensure that your child will be given developmentally age appropriate lessons missed during covid.
  • Build a powerful family partnership. The communication between tutor, student and family members help to create a home learning environment.
  • Sets your child for success and supports your child with flexible, dynamic support,guidance and on demand professional learning.

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The $1 Tip

Want your child to have excellent handwriting but don't have seventeen hours a week to work on it? Look no further than Rosetta's Dollar Store Tip! Here's a brilliant tip to use the next time your child is struggling to write well!


Mrs. Wood’s love for teaching and her “teacher’s heart’ taught both my children to learn and grow both inside and outside of the classroom. Her love of teaching prepared both to be lifelong learners.

I trust her knowledge and heart to teach and prepare children and young people to grow and succeed in all areas of their lives. I’m forever grateful that she is still a part of our lives.

Great teachers like Mrs. Wood are in our lives forever.

Respectfully submitted,
Debra Hickey 08/29/2020

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